Shrinky Dink's Photographs and Comments of the Week


Run 1999

By JGG & Old Thumper at Cutmill Pond.


Velcro (M): Peaked too early. Run little long for my tired legs.


Run 1998

By Yorkie at Sandy Lane, Church Crookham.

Hanging About: Great trail – lots of back checks and off roading!

Prime8: lost in the woods, but now I’m found. No hills no shaggy – good


Run 1997

A hot run by Flying Doctor at Binsted Cedars.

Fuggles: Good run, but the nettles were vicious. Nice weather.

Hanging About: Great trail, nice views, good weather. Good length.


Run 1996

A hilly run by Janet & John with Seis Matters at the Selborne Arms. 56 minutes.


Hanging About: excellent trail, a little short but amply made up for in altitude.

Ever Ready: Lovely run, even the b . . . dy hills!!


Run 1995

2nd run at Swanage, by Hanging About & ‘Er Indoors. 1hr 45 mins.


‘Er Indoors: Great run Tim! Knees couldn’t quite take the pace  : )


Janet & John: I agree with Roland; lovely coffee!


Run 1994

First of 2 runs on the traditional NH4 away weekend at Swanage. Set at Corfe Castle by Old Thumper and No Entry.

Dickhead: Hard on the knees, and that was just the train! A bit of a Bull and Cow. Great view of the mist!

‘Er Indoors: Run of many parts. Big hill. Lovely trails with nature at its best   : )

Hanging About: 7.94 miles in 1 hr 56 mins. Only one (big) hill. Foggy. Strangely I enjoyed it!

Firework: R.A. failed to keep the weather at bay!! Clouds on the hill tops ….


Run 1993

Hares ‘Er Indoor & Fuggles set this run on a warm sunny afternoon at Fleet Pond.

Flying Doctor: lovely run in the woods, thanks

Cloggs: Lovely trail. V. hot!

Silvier Fox: Enjoyed the heat. I love running in the beauty of the countryside.


Run 1992

At Hawley Lake, set by No Entry. Emphasis on “SHIGGY”! Only about 13 runners again.

Prime8: got lost again – good (calf length) shiggy

Jolly Green Giant: I’ve never been through shaggy before where the stain refuses to come off my legs!!!

Old Thumper: Smelly!


Run 1991

Only 14 runners, including Legover who legged it over from Denmark, and the hare Dickhead. At Greatham Inn. Plenty of nettles but no comment from Nettles. No beer so no down-downs and no photos.

Firework: Interesting figure of eight walkers trail. Exactly 13 rain drops!!!

Mountain Rescue: Beautiful views, great sunshine, interesting paths but bloody brambles and nettles!

Hanging About: Nice views - nettles, brambles and hills! Look into the distance and see all the false trails I did!



Run 1990

From Bourne Cricket Ground, set by JGG & Old Thumper. 

Hanging About: lovely weather - credit to the hares to lay it in the rain! Good trail no stinting on the hills!

Velcro (M): Excellent Ramble. 😊 

Splash: To Hilly! butt good run. 


Run 1989

Yorkie & Silvier Fox set this run from Eelmoor Bridge (end of Farnborough Airport runway) on Mountain Rescue's birthday. 

Hanging About: Great trail. Interesting scenery, even the bit that looked like the western front!

No Entry: Very confusing loops! great run. 

Charmaine Chardonnay: Lovely! Very pleasant. Nice and warm. Lovely evening.


Run 1988

Nettles and Flying Doctor [again] laid their trail from The Cedars, Binstead. 19, including 2 returners and a visitor, enjoyed a long run in an area that we haven't used for a while.. 

Down-down to Yorkie for the worst joke and to No Entry for wanting to compare swellings!


Dickhead: Luckily the Sun was shining - otherwise we would have become VERY WET! - Nice animals. 

'Er Indoors: Lovely run with the cows, sheep, goats, horses 😊.

Hanging About: Great trail - enjoyed the bull fighting.


Run 1987

NH4's run 1987 was a joint 11am birthday run (not sure who's!) with Surrey and Old Coulsden at Guildford College (Stoke Park) but seems to have been set only by non-NH4 hares Chunderos, One-in-the-Eye and Balls Breaker.

Duration was put down as "Endless" (1:45 for the record), a sentiment which was reflected in many of the 19 NH4 comments. 


'Er Indoors: Great Surrey run - lovely views & Castle. Happy Birthday. 😊 

Damp Patch: Lovely walk. Liked the flowers at the castle!

Hanging About: Nice trail - need a little training on laying the flour! 8.3 miles.

Cloggs: Excellent runs from the Birthday girls. Looking forward to their 60th. 

Ever Ready: Bloody long run but good trail. Booze checks made it survivable!!!

Velcro (F): Hilly but scenic! Lovely but who was the NH4 hare? 2 DRINKS STOP !!


Run 1986

Jolly Green Giant and Fuggles set this run from Normandy on April 30th featuring, apparently, bulls, bad weather and 'COMPLIMENTARY' comments. 


Who made JGG cry?

Hobble: Nice walk. Then back to the dogging car park. 

Hanging About: Great run. - Devious hare! Shame about the weather and the bull.

Old Thumper: Travellers, wild horses, bulls & fierce dogs - what's not to like?!!!


Run 1985

17 took part in Silvier Fox and Petal's run from the Black Fox in Roke (South of Liphook).


Soggy Fringe: Lots of lovely Primroses, and of course Bluebells

Charmaine Chardonnay: Lovely! Lovely run, lovely countryside, lovely people, lovely pub, lovely day.

Firework: Excellent timing for both walkers and runners.


Run 1984 - Easter Sunday

Dickhead and Flying Doctor set an Eggcellent run (to quote Denise) from the King's Pond in Alton. 

Run 1983 - Easter Friday

Hanging About and Damp Patch set NH4's birthday run and then hosted the on-on this year. 27 from NH4 and 8 visitors enjoyed the event. 


Hippo: Great birthday ramble. Even better hash grub in prospect!

'Er Indoors: Great Good Friday Run - Thanks PIM & TAM for a lovely day 😊 xx

JGG: Excellent run except for this annoying noise all the way round. 

Run 1982

Pity only 16 turned up to Mountain Rescue's well-liked run in Wellesley Woodlands, Duke's Wood, near Aldershot.


Hanging About: Great run, shame about the pub!

Jolly Green Giant: Good run! Long run in. Pub questionable Two beers both off!!

Alice: Pleasant woodland walk. Pity about the security fencing!


Run 1981

Old Thumper and Jolly Green Giant set the first evening run from a location in Elstead I don't remember running from before. The walkers kept getting glimpses of the main pack, which is a sign of a well-set run. Then on-on to the Golden Fleece for Thai food and drinks. 


Nature study on the run                    Avoiding the water course


Hares' down downs at sun down                            Life for Nettles begins at 40 - but ends at 41 (according to Dickhead)                               Awards for runs done with NH4

Cloggs: Fab trail, area & hares!

Ever Ready: Bloody gorgeous run!! Even good weather AND some shiggy!!!

Alice: Nice walk, beautiful area. 


Run 1980

Virgin hare Fun Size set his 1st run from Puttenham Top Car Park in perfect warm sunny spring weather. He managed to include 2 rope swings, a tree and a thousand 1-blob checks in the well marked trail!

Hanging About: Great trail - I liked the climbing tree and the swings!

Dodo: excellent run. Well done Toby + James!


Run 1979

Shrinky Dink, as bag carrier, supported 'Er Indoors to hare this run from Queen Elizabeth Park to Southwood Woodland. 24 turned out, including 2 Fryatt's & 2 Dekker's. 



Flying Doctor: Wonderful, seen parts of Farnborough I never knew

Silvier Fox: good trail, hard to read at times. [ed: means 'lost the trail again']



Run 1978

33 hashers, equally divided between NH4 & Berkshire, assembled outside The Cricketers in Yateley for an hour and a half run in the rain set in blue flour (to distinguish from yesterday's Bash) by Cloggs and Non Stick. 



Seis Matters: Excellent trail. Rainy, muddy almost perfect. 


Run 1977

Muddiest run so far this year set in the rain from Greatham Inn by Dickhead and run in the (mostly) dry with sunny breaks by 26 of us. 


Flying Doctor: Great paddling, fun in the mud. Lovely log fire. 

Ever Ready: Medal for Shiggy of the Year should be given to Dickhead. Nice trail, nice to see it in the sunlight. 

Silvier Fox: I thought I had a watery grave. Sadly cut off a bit by mistake and took Roland's advice and did another lap. 

Prime 8: We'll marked trail - good shiggy - no hills. Overtaken by Sylvia on his/her 2nd round. 


Run 1976  (photos to come soon)

Most of the 22 hounds seemed to enjoy Yorkie's 105 minute, 5 mile marathon with sunny intervals (or the walk) from Ewshot Village Hall. 

We overloaded the car park and forced the birthday party cars to double park


One of the many kissing gate

Robert striding out ahead of the pack

Mountain Rescue: Interesting and enjoyable - but long!

Velcro (M): Glad we didn't do the whole thing. We did 3.4 miles.

Non Stick: Great off road trail. 


Run 1975


Prime 8 & Ever Ready drew 2 more hashers than the 2 year average of 20 for a bloody good run that was up to scratch and ended sitting outside the Coach & Horses in Rotherwick. 

Mountain Rescue: Lots of shig, long straights, great weather and not bad for 2 oldies. 

Chastity Belt: Liked the snowdrops. Good run. 


Run 1974


Flying Doctor, ably assisted by Dickhead, marked a trail out into the countryside from The Butts in Alton which was appreciated by 16 North Hants Hashers and Thermal Dick. 


Strange directions from The Butts

A sheep-filled hillside on the "real runners" loop

Flying Doctor: Hash God was listening, dry and wasn't freezing

Dodo: Very very cold! But good fun!

Hanging About: The runners loop - 2 miles of mud and back where we started! great trail. 


Run 1973

After a pub crawl and curry in Salisbury on Saturday night Silvier & Petal laid a 7-mile, 1 hour 40 minute hangover trail in the bitter cold to Old Sarum and back! Then Petal took the walkers on a cultural wander which included seeing the best preserved of the 4 extant copies of the Magna Carta, in the Cathedral. 

Prime 8 & Ever Ready fight over a bottle in the Bangla Lounge on Saturday night

Following Silvier out of Salisbury over the Avon

Hashers on the horizon at Old Sarum

Hares being punished by the Breast Screening trailer

Dickhead: Run was too short and the weather too hot! - Castle was nice - but unfinished. 

'Er Indoors: Lovely walk around the cathedral. With a 'coffee' stop. Great weekend. Thank you Libby & Andy xx


Run 1972

HN4's 1st run in Salisbury - set over chalky, sometimes slippery, countryside from the Silver Plough in Pitton under clear skies by JGG & Old Thumper (who put the whole weekend together) - was followed in the skittle alley by snack lunch & Down Downs by stand-in RA Dickhead. Yours truly was misguided by Prime 8 into running the trail backwards till I met the runners half way round. 

Some of the walkers.                                 Waiting for chips & sandwiches in the Silver Plough


Hanging About: Hills, mud, slippy, what more can you ask for on a hash. Great trail. 


Legover: Excellent walk / usual muddy delights! Good to be back. x


Run 1971

Mountain Rescue set a short but well-appreciated trail from Old Guildford Road on a damp day. 19 attendees, including Luke's friend Josh, was good for NH4 considering 5 were away in Winchester at the Surrey Xmas Ball. 

Little Prick: Fabulous trail, marred by only one thing . . . .

'Er Indoors: Great run especially the bike trails! Shame about the constant 'noise' ️. 

Silvier Fox: Short but enjoyed it. Running well. Did extra mile at end for a laugh. 

Mountain Rescue [hare]: Pity Wally turned up!


Run 1970

Seis Matters set this well-attended (22) run from the Selborne Arms on a beautiful crisp, frosty, clear morning. Unusually the run did not use the ZigZag. The hare gave dire warnings about the rutted, ankle-breaking, frozen shiggy (friggy?). 


Some of the runners waited 20 frozen minutes for the walkers to amble back with car keys.



Mountain Rescue: Good trail, marvellous weather and crisp, crunchy shig. 

Prime 8: Pleasant guided walk by the new harriette [Margaret]

Margaret: Good fun, warm welcome & friendly


Run 1969

17 turned out in cold & wet conditions for Silvier & Petal's run at Old Basing Lime Pits. Visitors on the tick sheet are New Balls Please, One Hung Low and Headley Hounds. 

Little Prick: A dead fish run - cold, wet and slippery. 

Ever Ready: Great run, needed more shigggy and time on the play areas!

No Entry: Bust my finger on the slide. 


Run 1968

JGG & Old Thumper attracted 19 to the Crossways car park in Hook for a shiggy-full run. 

Mountain Rescue: No mud, he said. But there was much slippy, slimy, shig all over!

Seis Matters: Excellent trail enhanced by the rain and shiggy. 



Run 1967

After a 2pm New Year run from the Alton Health Centre set by Flying Doctor 19 soggy hashers retired to the Ivy House to warm up. 

'Er Indoors: Not so fun run in the rain. Great to clear the cobwebs though. 

Hobble, Little Big Horn & JGG: Wet Wet Wet

No Entry: Nice to see the steam train. 


Run 1966

Hanging About, with Hounds & Horrors' virgin hare Ellen (left below), set the best attended run of the year with the walking route particularly popular:

Smash used the hash as a training run, with a (now broken) rucksack with weights:


Back in Fleet Pond car park the hares linked arms for their down-down:             Alex learned about NH4's (the Hash worldwide) tradition of drinking out of new shoes:

20 from NH4 & nearly 40 from Hashdogs & visitors from Singapore & Wales, mostly in costumes, pixie hats and antlers, enjoyed the mild Boxing Day weather and the port afterwards:

Silvier Fox: Nice to see the other families enjoying themselves and in numbers. Trail just right. 

Dodo: VERY GOOD AREA - RUN - WALK - GROUP! Nice Port too!!! Clever run!!

Mountain Rescue: Apart from wide, wet ditches it was a good run. Next time a bridge would be welcome. 


Run 1965

29 enjoyed JGG & Old Thumper's sometimes muddy and slippery run through Farnham Park,


returning past a band playing Christmas Carols in Gostrey Meadow, where mulled wine was on offer,


finishing chez the hares for a finger-licking magnificent spread


and down-downs at the foot of the stairs:


'Er Indoors: Great day after the night before run. Thanks for a wonderful Christmas tea  : )

Charmaine Chardonnay: Lovely ! Great run, mulled wine, carols and great hosts. 


Run 1964

Dickhead set a fine, muddy trail through forest for 20 hounds. 


Afterwards Alice tried to give away her apples and Old Thumper dropped one:

Fairy Snow: Muddy


Hanging About: Great trail with some typical Dickhead nasty tricks! Great pub too!


Mountain Rescue: Great one! Back in the area of the very first Hash runs in U.K.!


Old Thumper: Nice run, noisy bullocks. 


If you like a bit of hash history, Dickhead's hash from Liss Forest on 11th December was within a mile of the first ever hash in Britain from Longmoor in 1969 (47 years ago). Mountain Rescue was the hare of that first hash.

Three years before that, on the Longmoor Railway in the same area, "The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery" was filmed.



Run 1963

The Surrey CAMRA run was attended by 13 or 14 NH4 members who enjoyed a long run through scenic countryside. 

Flying Doctor: Wonderful countryside, back checks confusing, good to see old friends. 

Petal: Gret run. Beautiful countryside. Loved it!


Alice: Wonderful countryside, remember it well from my childhood. 



Run 1962

23 hounds for Silvier Fox & Petal's surprisingly not too long, well set run at Kingsley Common. Soup Dragon made a rare appearance and Fairy Snow was awarded a pint of Sainsbury's beer froth for forgetting the down-down mugs.

The Cricketers supplied a choice of enormous roasts with ridiculously large bowls of vegetables for £9.95. 


Ever Ready: Straight, long and pulsating (Petal obviously set it!) Great area and interesting run.

Old Thumper: Not bad for Silvier, must have listened to the wife!

Guess who?


Run 1961

31 runners, including 4 visitors, and Flasher's dog Lola. Run wet underfoot set in Church Crookham by Yorkie & Fuggles. 

Seis Matters: Excellent inventive run

Alice: Soggy Shiggy - enjoyed it

Flasher: Enjoyed the good company


Run 1960

Only 13 hashers turned up this bright, crisp day to circumnavigate yellow fields of rape and a golf course in open countryside before returning to the Hampshire Inn in Crondall. 

Thanks to hares Flying Doctor & Nettles. 

Hanging About: "Nice run - shame that not many were there to enjoy it. Nice Pub!"

Mountain Rescue: "Long stretches for some of us" [Think he means Sanyu stretching after the run - ed]


Run 1959

23 hashers on this wet, darkening, forest run. More, including some normal people, turned up for fireworks, food and drinks at Damp Patch & Hanging About's pad in Frimley.